European Rail Timetable

About the timetable, formerly published by Thomas Cook and now produced independently. What it contains, some history and a timeline.
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Malta by Bus

Current information about travelling around Malta by bus, with selected timetables and maps. Also contains a wealth of information about the ATP era (pre-2011) including old maps, timetables, and photos of Maltese buses at work.    [Operator's website]

Peterborough Bus Times

Easy to use timetables for bus services in Peterborough, England. Now in its 18th year. Includes bus maps, ticket details, rail fares to London etc.    [City]    [Country]    [Routes]    [Links]    [Rail Fares 2020]

Prague Public Transport

Notes from an Enthusiast. Includes how to use public transport in Prague; getting to and from the airport; fares and tickets. Detailed description of the different types of tram in operation, with fleet numbers.    [Airport Routes]    [Metro]    [Trams]    [Links]


OMSI ROUTE PLANS (pdf): Apsley (Bowdenham V3), Daytonford County 7, Great Grundorf 2 Northern area, Great Grundorf 2 South District, Omninsk 1.0.
OMSI 2 Spandau timetables/workings 1988/89 Mons-Fris (pdf): Route 5  Route 92  Route 92E


Network West Midlands 2013 Timetable for 2006-2010 era (pdf). To download Network West Midlands (updated 2017) see this page with further info here.


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